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About us

Express deliveries is an online company that provides the facility of shipping and freight services for the general consumers in the market. The company operates on the philosophy that customers are the prime assets of any organization and must be dealt with respect and sincerity. They should be looked after in a proper way, as it is beneficial for both sides of the relationship. Both parties can benefit from the whole procedure. With a host of different features and services at their disposal, Express deliveries presents itself as the main choice for individuals who are looking to avail the best deals on shipping and freight services with minimum hassles and maximum efficiency.

The main feature of express deliveries is its quick quote system that offers the clients with timely and accurate price quotes about the different delivery option according to their required needs. Quick quote is a way to save countless hours spent on the internet in the search of relevant price quotes and information, which pertains to the user selection of shipping and freight services. A client will always try to avail more than three quotes about the delivery that he is going to make and express deliveries quick quote system provides him with an opportunity to avail this facility.

To request a quote from our company, clients are required to fill a quote form, which relates to the service of getting a quick quote. It is recommended that accurate and precise information should be entered into the form so that the quote obtained can be more accurate. After the successful completion and submission of an online form, clients are presented immediately with price quotes pertaining to the information that they entered into the form. The success of the quote obtained depends upon the information you provided in the form and hence it is recommended that you provide accurate information.

Express deliveries also provides a shipping calculator for its clients so that they can compare both international and domestic freight rates on the different packages being offered. This tool helps the clients in securing the best deals, which are available on the internet in the comfort of your home. Basically the main function of this tool is to provide a price comparison feature between different carrier companies by comparing highly competitive rates which are being presented by different shipping and freight companies on the internet. An important point to note here is that the freight calculator is not just limited to the domestic shipping options but also provides its services for international deliveries too.

Express deliveries works with many of the top class courier companies of the world that include DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, AAE and Australia post. This helps the company widen its service networks by providing a wide variety of services and options available. The potential benefit of all of this is that consumers can greatly benefit from these services, which help in establishing the image of in the shipping and freight services market.

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